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Persian Rug Services
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 1229 reviews
 by Ed Cahsens
Persian Rug service in Oakville

Our big Bukahra rug 9x12 needed a lift.

Joe from Persian Rug in Oakville came expeditiously to pick it up.

A week later the rug is back in place and looks wonderful. Joe advised us about some new under padding and some rust stain removal. Rust is gone, under padding is installed and we are a happy customer. Highly recommend dealing with Joe.

 by Ani
Excellent job

Excellent job on cleaning and repairs. On time pickup and delivery.

 by Ardy D
stain removal

amazing stain removal

 by Vigen shahinian
Great rug cleaning service

We had 5 of our Persian rugs cleaned beautifully.

The service was great the quality of cleaning and much needed repairs was excellent.

 by Denise Leo
rug cleaning

job very well done

 by Soha Elhami
rug cleaning service

Best Persian rug cleaning services for those around GTA. Very convenient and professional. Our Persian rugs look as good as the new ones.

 by Ahrami
Good Work

This company cleaned a valuable Persian rug for us and everything went quickly, professionally and rug looks great. Now I know who to deal with.

 by vigen shahinian
Great cleaning service

Excellent work and great friendly service. I will definitely used their service again

 by Anne Knowles
rug restoration

very clean rug after

 by Giti Mohtady
quality rug cleaning

They are the best , reasonable , professional, on time, good quality work, and very helpful and kind. I would suggest them to anyone in a heart beat.

 by Alireza Kamrani
amazing rug cleaning

Very professional and reliable. I strongly recommend Persian Rug Services for all hand-made rugs services including repairs and cleaning.

 by xlimomanx
rug cleaning

I am very particular about my Persian Carpets and want them cleaned ONLY by someone w deep knowledge of the rugs origins, materials and workmanship so my Carpets get the best care. The shop reflects decades of experience. Recommend them highly.

 by Eugene Belenkov
rug cleaning

This was my first time using Persian Rug Services. I needed to resize my rug and, when discussing this, was offered a much better and more cost effective option for consideration to suit my needs. From the first minute I entered to the last when I left with the finished product, I received a welcoming, professional and attentive service from experienced people everyone wishes to receive. Will use them again for anything rug-related - I'm sure I'll get the same high-quality result for anything they offer. Thanks!

 by Wendy Harrington
rug cleaning

I'm very happy with the service provided. My area rug was picked up promptly and returned in one week. The rug appeared to be cleaned well and it was delivered to my door - the price was exactly as quoted. The delivery person was very pleasant and was able to give precise pick up and delivery times. I would use this company again.

 by Tamar Grunebaum
rug cleaning

Great company to work with!

 by Fadia Mishrigi
rug cleaning


 by diane higgs

We had an antique kilim runner that needed a new fringe and seemed pretty dirty. The rug came back with beautiful hand-knotted fringes that look original; and after cleaning, with colours so bright, I literally gasped when I saw it! Go to these people - really - they know what they're doing!

 by Stephen S

Very knowledgeable and professional service. Very reliable.

All rugs were beautifully cleaned and repaired.

Many thanks

 by Vivi W
carpet cleaning

amazing cleaning

 by narges ayat
value rug cleaning

They provided great service! Came and picked up the rugs. Washed them and brought them back in less than 10 days. I was happy with the cleanness of rugs and quality of their service.

 by shadan mohammadian
rug cleaning

I recently used their rug cleaning services to wash 4 of my persian area rugs, I was very pleased with their costumer service, and the quality of cleaning. The price they give me over the phone was what I paid and there were no hidden fees. The rugs were picked up and delivered back to me on the date that was said. Overall I am very happy with their services and will definitely recommend them to my family and friends.

 by Sanaz Ghias
amazing rug cleaning

Very professional, excellent service.

 by Lida
rug cleaning

amazing cleaning

 by Andre Tarjan
rug cleaning

Re: Good quality , family , Persian area rug, with colourful “hunting scene”.

I was most fortunate to select Joe of “Persian

Rug Service, to first shampoo my much admired rug, and then , give me expert professional advise on how to keep it in “pristine” condition for many more years to come .”All” was delivered as discussed. As a bonus, Joe was able to provide me with a little history and an idea of “market value” of my “treasure”.

If you are in a similar situation to mine, Joe is the person to look up.


 by Joanne Strom
rug repair

Great company cleaned my rugs and repaired. Great communication, timely and great delivery service. Highly recommend

 by Arash Jalvan
carpet restoration

carpet looked as if i just bought it

 by Nazila Mojarrab
rug cleaning

amazing rug cleaning

 by Rouzbeh Sharbaf
amazing service

I was very happy with their service. They're professional, nice and panctual. I wou definitely recommend this place.

 by Scott Cowan
persian rug cleaning

I highly recommend this business to anyone that wants any cleaning or repair work done on their Persian rugs. Joeseph provides excellent quality services!

 by Maryam Khayyam
Rug Service

They are amazing, I know them for 15 years this is the second time they cleaned all my Rugs , best service.
I had a major renovation and Mr. Mahdavi picked up my rugs in advance and after renovation he delivered them.
All my Rugs are super clean and repaired . The price is reasonable
Thank you for your great customer service and I truly recommend this to everyone.

 by Yolanda Penzhorn
rug stain removal

stain came out and the carpet looked very nice after

 by Leslie P.
Job well done

We sent in a 30-year-old, hand-knotted rug for fringe repair and cleaning and are very satisfied with the result. It came back looking like new!

 by Joanne Burtnik
professional cleaning

professional cleaning

 by Zahra Rezaei
carpet stain removal

they removed the stain for a very good price.

 by Lauren Nikoletsos

value cleaning

 by Shayan Sharif
amazing service

Excellent and professional service

 by niloofar mani
stain removal

Mr. Mahdavi is really professional. A cup of juice was poured on my Persian carpet and I was so sad and did not know what to do? I called, he picked up and delivered the right time he promised with no delay. He removed the stain on the carpet which I could not do anything about it and it was so eye-catching. The service is worth it. I recommend it. Thanks to him and his team. God bless them.

 by Soraya Zangani
rug restoration

they restored my rugs for a good price and amazing quality.

 by Sam K
amazing company

Very knowledgeable and professional company, they not only cleaned, they made my Persian rug new again. Would use again and recommend Persian Rug Services.

 by Bita Piroozpanah
great cleaning

Amazing job! My Persian silk rug was so dirty and had an unknown stain and lost its fringe in many spots. Absolutely worth what you pay for the service. Very nice and friendly staff and respectful and most importantly very on time service and professional.

We will continue to go to Persian Rug Services for our rugs, highly recommend!

 by Nasrin Sarfarazan
carpet restoration

carpet looked like it was brand new

 by Maryam Ghorbani
carpet cleaning

amazing carpet cleaning

 by Sana Saadati
carpet cleaning

amazing cleaning for the price

 by Mary-Ann Kruse
carpet cleaning

amazing cleaning

 by Mehdi
rug cleaning

The best service ever, they made it very convenient for me and did an amazing job on the carpets. It was very affordable as well, all around the best rug cleaning services

 by Naomi Adam
rug cleaning

We are very pleased with the work done repairing and cleaning several rugs (Persian, Afghan and Kilims). They look terrific.

very responsible

Joseph was amazing. His service was excellent and we highly recommend him for any carpet cleaning…..he is responsible and efficient and dependable

 by Simone Hanna
brand new carpet

Very great work! Our carpet is as good as new. Price for the service was great.

 by Yannick Benoit
silk carpet cleaning

Exceptional service. Our silver, hand knotted, silk Persian rug had several stains caused by pets - Joe was quick and knowledgable, and delivered a beautiful product after a cleaning and stain removal treatment. We highly recommend and will use again. Thanks Joe!

 by Zarrin Ghaemi
Persian carpet

They did an excellent job with cleaning my Persian carpet. They even dropped off my house!:)

 by Jeff Mooallem
amazing cleaning

Joe was great and took good care of my valuable carpet.

 by George Acs
silk rig cleaning

My experience with this company was excellent

The Persian silk carpet was soiled with pet urine and they did an excellent job at repairing the damage , bringing it back to its original condition. I would highly recommend their services

 by Moyez Ladhani
rug cleaning

Great job cleaning, picked up dropped off, good communication, well worth the price.

 by Leanne G
carpet restoration

Good service, Joe kept me informed of when everything would be ready. Carpets look so much better after a good cleaning. I would recommend this company!

 by Sam Martini
rug cleaning

I wasn't sure where to look but did a few searches and luckily landed on this company! I have a hand knotted very expensive silk rug my parents bought on a trip to India many years ago. It was really dirty. But I brought it in and got a big discount for doing that. When I picked it up it looked like new. Amazing! Am very satisfied!

 by Christina Smith
rug cleaning

Persian Rug Services was great!!! They got dog pee out of our area rug and fixed another. One that the dog chewed a whole on. You can’t even tell it happened. They are very nice, professional, and speedy! Will be using them again!

 by Martha Kehoe
rug cleaning

I love this company! The cleaning is fast and fabulous a decent price and fast turnaround. I’ve been to their facility it’s spotless and professional. I would recommend their service to anyone who has rugs and wants to keep them in tip top condition

 by Deena Yer
carpet cleaning

Great job from outstanding folks at Persian Rug Services. Not only they did am amazing job cleaning my 2 rugs, they kept them while the house was under renovation, and delivered it when I needed it! Highly reccomended.

 by Masoud Naghavi
carpet cleaning

Amazing carpet cleaning

 by Robert Hanna
carpet cleaning

I took four Persian rugs for cleaning and my wife and I were worried about the cleaning process. Joe took the time and explained step by step the carpet cleaning process. We were very pleased with cleaning quality and it make a difference in restoring the beauty of carpets.

 by Arun Hasler
carpet cleaning

Very knowledgeable and courteous and provided great quality cleaning on time without complaining about a particularly dirty rug; all cleaned well.

 by Eugenia Popescu
rug cleaning

amazing! job well done

 by Semi
amazing cleaning

Had a wonderful experience with Joe! He was friendly, helpful, responsive and he really knows his rugs! Our neighbour was giving away a rug for free and we took it to him, and he knew with one glance what kind of rug it was and where it was made. Turns out it was a handmade wool Chinese area rug! We couldn’t believe our luck! It was very dirty when we took it to Joe, and now a month later we have a beautiful area rug in our living room that really makes our place feel warmer and cozier! Thanks Joe!

 by Aisha Wovenu
rug cleaning

Great experience. They delivered to my home and washed the carpet twice at no additional cost 😊.

 by Kevin Sattarzade
rug restoration

Amazing service! My rugs are back to new 🙂 Thanks

 by Rachel Weisman
Persian carpet cleaning

Very knowledgeable. Friendly and easy communication. Persian carpet finished in three days and all stains removed. This was only the second time in 40 years that we had it cleaned. Very pleased with the result!

R.W. August 2021.

 by Asad Ali
wool rug cleaning

It was a pleasure having our wool rug cleaned at Persian rug services, they took extra care and it looked great after their services, highly recommended.

 by Seifali Karimi
rug cleaning

amazing rug cleaning

 by Bahareh Salem
carpet cleaning

Great service. I highly recommended this company for cleaning your carpet and rugs. Reliable and on time. Professional And friendly, reasonable price too.

 by Hosna
Amazing cleaning

That was an amazing experience with them. I was actually had 2 really bad yellow and stinky circle on my old beautiful rug. Colours was mixing together from my Saintbernard dog also my business chewed some corner of rug. They had my rugs for a month and it was magically perfect clean and brand new.

I’m so happy with their service and their professional behaviour.

Highly recommend for families who love their animals and rug same😝

 by nazanin aflatouni
rug cleaning

very professional.

 by Solmaz Soleimanloo
carpet stain removal

Yousef is punctual and gentlemen. The rugs had a lot of stains. We received them as they were new. My rugs are old Persian rugs and delicate. This is not our first time used his company service and certainly not last time.

We recommend this company for sure without hesitation.

 by Nazila Mohammadi
rug cleaning

Mr. Mahdavi is very knowledgeable, friendly & trustworthy. He gave us great information about how to take care of our rug and provided an outstanding service . Our rug looks like brand new again. I will definitely recommend them .

 by Ladan Adhami
carpet cleaning

Persian Rug Services is an excellent company that provides care to your rugs.

It is a trustworthy, reliable and professional company that I highly recommend to those who need its services. I appreciate its work ethic of punctuality, cordiality and excellent service for which I am grateful.

 by Violet Abady
rug cleaning

I have used rental cleaning machines to clean my Persian carpets during years, but they were never deep cleaned and still had visible dark spots.

My friend recommended Joe to me as she was very happy with his cleaning company.

Joe is very professional and friendly. My carpets were washed with care and they got very clean and spotless. The price is very reasonable as well.

I am very pleased with their cleaning service and I highly recommend his cleaning company.

 by Rick Ius
rug cleaning

I had an awesome experience dealing with Persian carpet cleaning. Very helpful and great price. Very friendly person to deal with and is true to his word. Thanks for the great customer service!! Cheers!


 by M Newman
carpet cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning

 by Sassan Shams
carpet cleaning

Great job done. Will definitely recommend to others.

 by Nima nadiloey
rug cleaning

Loved the service and the rugs smell fresh as good as new definitely recommend to everyone

 by Len Proctor
rug cleaning

They cleaned a rug that others could not. Excellent results.

 by Elham Rabbani-Sockett
rug cleaning

I've used this company twice to repair tears in our Persian rugs and both times I've been completely pleased with their work. Their customer service is excellent as well. Hosain, the owner, came to my home, viewed the carpet, and made some recommendations that I agreed with. He then took the carpet, giving me an approximate date of when it would be returned. I received the carpet on time and I'm delighted with their craftsmanship. It is obvious that he enjoys his work from the detailed work that he does. Thank you Hosain!

 by Debbie H
Excellent Service

I had two rugs cleaned and fringe repaired on one of the rugs. Joe provided prompt, courteous service. The rugs were picked up and returned within one week and both look fantastic! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Persian Rug Services for cleaning and repairs.

 by Diane

We have had three Persian carpets cleaned and restored by this company and were very pleased with the final results. Having dealt with Joe for the first carpet, we were very confident that the process with the next two rugs, (from pick-up to delivery) would go smoothly and that our expectations of fine work would be met. A job well done! Thank you!

 by Richard Goyette
Rug Cleaning

With limited time before our move, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that it was possible to drop off our Tabriz on a Friday in Burlington, and then have it delivered to our new apartment in Oakville a week later at no added cost. Not only was the price extremely reasonable, but the carper never looked better. The video on their website depicting the cleaning process was particularly reassuring (and somewhat entertaining. Our advice: Persian Rug Services is the go-to business for professional rug cleaning

 by Nick Hass
Antique Persian Rug

Professional flawless repair and cleaning on my 100 plus year old Persian rug at a great price! Thank You Joe for a beautiful job, the rug looks great displayed on my Dining room wall!

 by Elizabeth
rug cleaning

My Belgium rug looks like silk was pretty dirty. I had no hope that it could be cleaned at all. Yes, it could. Joe did a miracle. He brought my rug back to life. This is the place to go - professional and very friendly service. Thank you very much .

 by Adrienne
Excellent service

I dropped off my Persian rug, hand made in Iran which I cherish a lot. It was cleaned within a week. It looks like new and the colours are revived.
I will definitely recommend your service to my friends. Professional, and friendly service. Thank you Joe!

 by Bobby Farshchi
Happy Customer!

This is the place to go if you want your Rugs cleaned or repaired. They are professionals, Honest and helpful . I had 2 rugs Persian rugs cleaned and 1 area rug. Also had one repaire done. Very happy with the service they provided at all levels! I highly recommend them to anyone looking to repair and or clean high quality rugs. One of the rugs I had cleaned was an antique and they did a fantastic job with handling it. Overall amazing people and service!

 by Zahirra Mukadam
rug repair

amazing job

 by Ethan Pirnia
stain removal

Joe and his team did a fantastic job reviving a 60+ year old carpet that's been in my family. The carpet looks good as new and minor stains have been removed.

 by Elaheh Ahmadpanahi
rug cleaning

They did a really great job on my carpet. Great customer service. highly recommended !!!!

 by Maureen O'Shaughnessy
rug cleaning and restoration

Restoration and cleaning of a damaged/stained Persian rug - professional and knowledgeable service, very pleased with the results

 by shaya hoorsun
rug restoration

This is my second time dealing with Persian Rug Services. Very happy with their service. Very ontime and professional.
Thanks their team. I am recommending them.


 by Shadi Zaim
stain removal

amazing job at removing stain

 by John Milner
rug cleaning

Joe was professional and helpful. The carpets returned looking new.

 by susan
Best Service For My Kazakh Rug

Joe was very knowledgeable and quoted a reasonable price to get my antique rug cleaned and re-fringed. The company did an amazing job. The rug looks like new. If I could have rated more than 5 stars each for satisfaction and whether I’d recommend them, I would have. A big thank you to Persian Rug Services.

 by Hossein Zaryab
rug repair

I'm really happy with their professional services. Fair price, helpful advices on repairs and maintenance, beautiful results. Will definitely use their services again and recommend them to anyone.
They repaired my antique persian rug perfectly.

 by margret
rug cleaning

Our carpets were 12 years old and never professionally cleaned. I lightly vacuumed them regularly but you could not see the silk shine anymore .... we also spilled a glass of red wine on one of them which prompted us to contact Joe immediately. As you can imagine, I was very upset about the spill but he reassured us the carpet would be cleaned with no problem.

He did any amazing job!!!! The wine stain was removed and the carpets looked vibrant and new. Joe was very knowledgeable and I would only trust him going forward .... thank Joe for doing an amazing job.

 by Vince Gironda
carpet repair

keep up the good work

 by Amir Emad Moteabbed
rug restoration

Very professional work. Price very reasonable. I will suggest this place to all of my friends.
I wish I could give him more than 5 stars.

 by Jun Gao
rug cleaning

We have an old silk rug for cleaning. Joe is extremely knowledgeable and professional, and of course very friendly. The cleaning result is very satisfied. And he also taught me how to do the daily maintain.
Definitely we recommend their services.

 by Zeljko Soric
rug restoration

Great service from great people!
Very customer friendly and professional.
Would highly recommend to anyone requiring rug cleaning or repair service!

 by mahmood abghari
rug repair

I was satisfied with their service .
The rug has washed perfect with no damage .

 by Mehdi Abedzadeh
rug repair

Great service and very accommodating. Totally recommend.

 by poonam pahari
RUG cleaning

The carpet I had in my new apartment was too dirty. They took the carpets .cleaned it as needed. And now I see a whole new beautiful color of the carpet. Great service!

 by golbarg t
carpet repair

very clean repairs

 by Sheena Sarrazin
rug cleaning

good job

rug cleaning

Real professional in the business with the best service quality. Highly recommended.

 by RLTT Peart
rug cleaning

Amazing job on very difficult animal skin rug. The service was prompt and professional; the price very reasonable. They came recommended by rug cleaners in my area who found the job to complex. I will use this business for all my needs in this area.

 by mani sh
carpet restoration

This is my third time using this company. They are always consistent with quality of work. It was a pleasure to deal with. Always on time to pickup & drop off. And our cleaned rugs have never looked better! Will definitely recommend to friends & family.

 by Lisa Frandsen
rug restoration

Couldn’t be happier with my Persian area rugs. One had bled and Joe took the time to restore it back to looking absolutely beautiful again! Thanks so much Joe

 by Mehran Fallahpour
rug repair

very great job

 by Afsaneh Safari
rug cleaning

I found the Persian rug services number on google and had no clue about the services. I am really impressed by the quality of the service and professionalism. My rug got picked up from my home and delivered back to my home again in couple of days totally new and clean. The price for this great service was really fair. On top of that, Mr Mahdavi gave me some important tips on how to treat my rug and advised me on other treatments I could consider for next times.

I strongly recommand person rug services.

 by Olev Maimets
carpet cleaning

Mo was great! He explained everything so I felt totally comfortable with the cleaning process. When he brought our carpets back, he helped place them exactly where we wanted them. I will definitely use him again when we need our carpets cleaned again. In the mean time I will tell my friends about his services too if they have carpets that need cleaning. Thanks so much Mo! 🙂

 by Hamid Free
rug cleaning

good work. I very impressed.

 by Janet
Carpet Cleaning

I had 2 rugs and a runner to be cleaned. One white shag, and one white silk with large crystals on the sides. A challenge. Joe removed each crystal before cleaning and sewed them back on and the carpet looks perfect. All were expertly cleaned and scotch guarded. I highly recommend this company. Excellent job!

 by nazanin norouzi
rug restoration

Excellent customer service

 by AltheaM
Rug Cleaning And Repair

I dealt with Joe. He was professional, knowledgeable, he was on time, did a fantastic job and was very reasonable. He provided updates and pictures of the work in progress and made recommendations along the way. Thank you Joe for a job well done!

 by nell Studio
rug repair

I had big coffee stain on my very light Persian rug.I tried to clean it myself and made it worse the colors from the flowers seeped into the cream colors of the rug, it was a mess. When I called this company I wouldn’t imagine they can completely fix this. It was magic. Their price is very reasonable , they are very professional and onetime.great service! Thank you for saving my beautiful rug🙏

 by Maryam Rezvani
carpet repairs

very clean and fast repairs

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